Test pack – kinase substrates


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Tyrosine-kinase substrates I: 384 in duplicate(1 slide)

Serine/Threonine-kinase substrates I + II: 768 in duplicate, 2x 384 per slide

1 pack = 1 slide + 1x two slides

CelluSpots™ pre-made arrays contain evaluated kinase substrates as well as consensus sequences for both, tyrosine and serine/threonine kinases. The tyrosine kinase chip has 384 peptides and the serine/threonine kinase substrates come as two chips with 768 peptides in total, each printed in duplicate.

  • Standard format is a 26x76 mm glass slide covered with inert white background foil
  • Up to 384 peptide spots printed in duplicate on the foil side with 1.2 mm spot to spot distance
  • 15-mer peptides bound to cellulose via C-terminus and with acetylated N-terminus
  • Arrays contain control peptides and location marks

CelluSpots arrays made by INTAVIS can be analyzed with standard chromogenic substrate reactions as used in Western blot protocols. Development is done in a small open tray. Spot intensities are recorded on a standard flatbed scanner. Detection by luminescence or radioactivity is also possible. Microarrays with smaller spots are available on request. These usually require analysis equipment and procedures as used for DNA microarrays.