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Tritylchloride-polystyrene resin for solid phase peptide synthesis

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We offer TCP resin for the routine production of peptide acids and amides. We use this high quality resin for our own production for most of our custom peptide syntheses. This resin is ideally suited for solid phase peptide synthesis following the Fmoc strategy.

Special benefits of TCP-resins in solid phase peptide synthesis are:

• No racemization of the C-terminal amino acid and no dipeptide formation upon loading of the resin, since
loading is performed without activation of the amino acid.

• Suppression of diketopiperazine formation at the dipeptide stage, as a result of steric hindrance by the trityl-linker.

• Ideally suited for the preparation of free and fully protected peptides due to optimal acid lability of the linker.

The deactivating effect of the p-carboxamide group on the trityl system of TCP-resins results in an optimum balance of stability and lability of the anchoring bond (i.e. ester bond to amino acid). Hence, the additional benefits are:

• Preloaded Fmoc-AA-TCP-resins are completely stable under usual storage conditions (room temperature or below, dry).

• Complete stability of TCP-resins towards all usual coupling conditions employed in the Fmoc strategy, even Cl-HOBt / DIC or HOBt / DIC at elevated temperature.

Additional information

Cleavage can be effected by treatment in concentrated TFA with scavengers to yield fully deprotected peptides or, for fully protected peptides with hexafluoroiso-propanol, acetic acid or dilute TFA.