CelluSpot Serine/Threonine Kinase Substrates I+II Array (STKS-I+II) (pack of 2×2 slides)


Array to screen serine/threonine kinase substrates

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CelluSpots Serine/Threonine Kinase Substrate Arrays are ready to screen arrays with serine/threonine-kinase substrates from annotated phosphorylation sites. Kinase substrate arrays are delivered in packs of 4 slides. Each kinase-array comes with a detailed excel sheet containing sequences, web links to databases like Swiss-Prot or PubMed and additional information if available.

Additional information

– standard format is a microscopic slide coated with inert white background foil
– spot-to-spot distance 1.2 mm; spot diameter approx. 0.8 mm
– peptides are covalently bound to cellulose via C-terminus
– arrays contain control peptides and red location marks
– detection methods: autoradiography, chemiluminescence, chromogenic substrate reactions and dedicated fluorescent dyes
– up to 384 peptide-cellulose-conjugate spots printed in duplicate on the foil slide of the slide
– N-terminus blocked by acetylation