2 µmol library (16-25mer)


2 µmol peptide library with 96 peptides (16-25mer)

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Peptide library with up to 96 peptides with 2 µmol scale. For the 2 µmol scale an average yield of 1.5 mg on average for a 10 amino acid peptide can be expected. All peptides are delivered as lyophilized powder in individual tubes (1.2 ml), arranged in 96-tube racks. The minimum number of peptides per plate is 48 at a price of 75% of the set price. Peptide libraries are generally supplied with free N-terminal amino and C-terminal amide group. For peptides with free carboxy C-terminus a surcharge will be added. Standard QC is mass spectrometry of 6 of the 96 peptides in the set. Data of the MALDI MS are provided as certificates of analysis.

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The purities of the peptides may vary from 30% to 95%, depending on length and sequence. For most applications, sequences with 12 – 15 amino acids are sufficient. Very hydrophobic peptides are not recommended, since yields may be very low.