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High-troughput target identification

Peptide Libraries

Peptide Libraries are efficient tools for screening of epitopes, proteases, kinases, antibodies, pharmacologically active peptides and often an economic alternative to recombinant protein approaches. Peptide Libraries made by Intavis Peptide Services consist of unpurified peptides, delivered in a 96-tube rack format. Synthesis is performed using optimized, state of the art instruments and protocols. We offer three levels of quality control:

  • Standard Level QC: Mass spectrometry of 6 of the 96 peptides in the set.
  • Silver Level QC: HPLC analysis and mass spectrometry of 12 of the 96 peptides in the set.
  • Gold Level QC: HPLC analysis of 10 and mass spectrometry of all peptides of the set.

2 µmol Peptide Libraries

For the 2 µmol synthesis scale we offer an average yield of 1.5 mg for a 10 amino acid peptide. Peptides are delivered as lyophilized powder in individual 1.2 ml tubes, arranged in 96 tube racks. Peptide Libraries are generally supplied with free N-terminal amino and C-terminal amide group. For peptides with free carboxy C-terminus a surcharge will be added. Data of the HPLC and MALDI MS are provided as certificates of analysis.

When ordering a Peptide Library, please indicate the desired QC Level.


A large amount of modifications like stable isotope labeling (SIL), dyes, cyclization, branching and modified amino acids are available for custom peptide synthesis.

Modifications for Peptide Libraries

2 µmol Peptide Library [16-25mer]

Peptide library of 16-25mers with up to 96 peptides with 2 µmol scale.

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2 µmol Peptide Library [8-15mer]

Peptide library of 8-15mers with up to 96 peptides with 2 µmol scale.


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