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Peptide Calibration MS Standard II

Peptide Calibration Standard II is a mixture for the calibration of matrix-assisted laser
desorption and ionization-time-of-flight mass-spectrometers (MALDI-TOF MS).
Product contains 5 vials; each vial contains a mix of lyophilized peptides as TFA salts
for 125 μl solution. It allows calibrations (5 x 125 calibration points) and testing of
MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers in a mass range between ~500 and 3500 Da and
can be used for calibration in positive mode. The mixture contains seven standard
peptides. The compounds are listed in the additional information together with their
molecular weights.
The standard is for research use only. It is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Peptide [M+H]+ Monolsotopic [M+H]+ Average
Bradykinin 1-7 757,3997 757,8677
Angiotensin || 1046,5423 1046,5423
Angiotensin | 1296,6853 1297,5027
SubstanceP 1347,7360 1348,6585
Bombesin 1619,8229 1620,8792
ACTH 1-17 2093,0867 2094,4518
ACTH 18-39 2465,1989 2466,7103
Somatostatin28 3147,4715 3149,6093
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