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MODified™ Histone Peptide Array

The MODified Histone Peptide Array is a valuable research tool that can be used to screen antibodies, enzymes and proteins for cross-reactivity or binding interactions with histones and their post-translational modifications (PTM). The MODified Histone Peptide Arrays screen 59 acetylation, methylation, phosphorylation, and citrullination modifications on the N-terminal tails of histones H2A, H2B, H3 and H4. Each peptide array contains 384 unique histone modification combinations in duplicate, including up to four separate modifications on the same 19mer peptide, offering the most extensive coverage available for commercial arrays of similar format. This extensive coverage of histone modifications enables the study of not only individual sites, but also the effects of neighboring modifications on recognition and binding. The unique synthesis and conjugation method ensure a high peptide density at each spot, which is advantageous for analysis of interaction sites with low binding constants.


MODified Histone Peptide Array – peptide arrays contain 384 unique histone modification combinations. Arrays are available individually or in packs of 5 arrays. To see a complete list of the modifications available and their corresponding peptide location, please CLICK HERE. Verlinken mit MODified_Histone_Peptide_Array_grid.xls

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