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hCMV Peptide Pool

This pool contains 138 peptides derived from human cytomegalovirus (hCMV) pp65 protein (UniProtKB-#: P06725). This protein is represented as 15mer-peptides with a shift of 4 amino acids. The hCMV pp65-Pool was specifically developed for efficient in vitro stimulation of CMV pp65-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells and represent an optimized solution for stimulating both CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in various applications like:

- Detection and analysis of antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ effector/memory T cells, for example, in PBMCs,
- intracellular cytokine staining, staining of activation markers, such as CD154 or other technologies,
- immunomonitoring of various antigen specificities. In vitro stimulation of antigen-specific T cells.

For research use only. NOT suitable for diagnostic procedures. NOT for use in humans.

Peptide Sequence [M]+ Monoisotpic
hCMV_pp65-1 H-MESRG RRCPE MISVL-OH 1762,86
hCMV_pp65-2 H-GRRCP EMISV LGPIS-OH 1613,84
hCMV_pp65-3 H-PEMIS VLGPI SGHVL-OH 1547,84
hCMV_pp65-4 H-SVLGP ISGHV LKAVF-OH 1522,89
hCMV_pp65-5 H-PISCH VLKAV FSRGD-OH 1581,86
hCMV_pp65-6 H-HVLKA VFSRG DTPVL-OH 1637,93
hCMV_pp65-8 H-RGDTP VLPHE TRLLQ-OH 1730,94
hCMV_pp65-9 H-PVLPH ETRLL QTGIH-OH 1709,96
hCMV_pp65-10 H-HETRL LQTGI HVRVS-OH 1744,97
hCMV_pp65-11 H-LLQTG IHVRV SQPSL-OH 1646,95
hCMV_pp65-12 H-GIHVR VSQPS LILVS-OH 1603,94
hCMV_pp65-13 H-RVSQP SLILV SQYTP-OH 1686,93
hCMV_pp65-14 H-PSLIL VSQYT PDSTP-OH 1616,83
hCMV_pp65-15 H-LVSQY TPDST PCHRG-OH 1659,77
hCMV_pp65-16 H-YTPDS TPCHR GDNQL-OH 1702,74
hCMV_pp65-17 H-STPCH RGDNQ LQVQH-OH 1718,79
hCMV_pp65-18 H-HRGDN QLQVQ HTYFT-OH 1842,88
hCMV_pp65-19 H-NQLQV QHTYF TGSEV-OH 1749,83
hCMV_pp65-20 H-VQHTY FTGSE VENVS-OH 1695,77
hCMV_pp65-21 H-YFTGS EVENV SVNVH-OH 1679,78
hCMV_pp65-22 H-SEVEN VSVNV HNPTG-OH 1580,74
hCMV_pp65-23 H-NVSVN VHNPT GRSIC-OH 1595,78
hCMV_pp65-24 H-NVHNP TGRIS CPSQE-OH 1637,76
hCMV_pp65-25 H-PTGRS ICPSQ EPMSI-OH 1601,75
hCMV_pp65-26 H-SICPS QEPMS IYVYA-OH 1686,76
hCMV_pp65-27 H-SQEPM SIYVY ALPLK-OH 1737,90
hCMV_pp65-28 H-MSIYV YALPL KMLNI-OH 1767,97
hCMV_pp65-29 H-VYALP LKMLN IPSIN-OH 1684,96
hCMV_pp65-30 H-PLKML NIPSI NVHHY-OH 1774,96
hCMV_pp65-31 H-LNIPS INVHH YPSAA-OH 1631,84
hCMV_pp65-32 H-SINVH HYPSA AERKH-OH 1744,88
hCMV_pp65-33 H-HHYPS AAERK HRHLP-OH 1834,95
hCMV_pp65-34 H-SAAER KHRKL PVADA-OH 1656,88
hCMV_pp65-35 H-RKHRH LPVAD AVIHA-OH 1718,98
hCMV_pp65-36 H-HLPVA DAVIH ASGKQ-OH 1541,83
hCMV_pp65-37 H-ADAVI HASGK QMWQA-OH 1611,78
hCMV_pp65-38 H-IHASG KQMWQ ARLTV-OH 1724,91
hCMV_pp65-39 H-GKQMW QARLT VSGLA-OH 1644,88
hCMV_pp65-40 H-WQARL TVSGL AWTRQ-OH 1771,95
hCMV_pp65-41 H-LTVSG LAWTR QQNQW-OH 1786,91
hCMV_pp65-42 H-GLAWT RQQNQ WKEPD-OH 1855,90
hCMV_pp65-43 H-TRQQN QWKEP DVYYT-OH 1954,92
hCMV_pp65-44 H-NQWKE PDVYY TSAFV-OH 1845,86
hCMV_pp65-45 H-EPDVY YTASF VFPTK-OH 1762,85
hCMV_pp65-46 H-YYTSA FVFPT KDVAL-OH 1720,87
hCMV_pp65-47 H-AFVFP TKDVA LRHVV-OH 1697,96
hCMV_pp65-48 H-PTKDV ALRHV VCAHE-OH 1673,87
hCMV_pp65-49 H-VALRH VVCAH ELVCS-OH 1634,84
hCMV_pp65-50 H-HVVCA HELVC SMENT-OH 1670,72
hCMV_pp65-51 H-AHELV CSMEN TRATK-OH 1688,80
hCMV_pp65-52 H-VCSME NTRAT KMQVI-OH 1709,83
hCMV_pp65-53 H-ENTRA TKMQV IGDQY-OH 1752,85
hCMV_pp65-54 H-ATKMQ VIGDQ YVKVY-OH 1741,91
hCMV_pp65-55 H-QVIGD QYVKV YLESF-OH 1786,91
hCMV_pp65-56 H-DQYVK VYLES FCEDV-OH 1835,83
hCMV_pp65-57 H-KVYLE SFCED VPSGK-OH 1699,81
hCMV_pp65-58 H-ESFCE DVPSG KLFMH-OH 1724,75
hCMV_pp65-59 H-EDVPS GKLFM HVTLG-OH 1628,82
hCMV_pp65-60 H-SGKLF MHVTL GSDVE-OH 1618,80
hCMV_pp65-61 H-FMHVT LGSDV EEDLT-OH 1691,77
hCMV_pp65-62 H-TLGSD VEEDL TMTRN-OH 1679,77
hCMV_pp65-63 H-DVEED LTMTR NPQPF-OH 1790,81
hCMV_pp65-64 H-DLTMT RNPQP FMRPH-OH 1839,89
hCMV_pp65-65 H-TRNPQ PFMRP HERNG-OH 1835,90
hCMV_pp65-66 H-QPFMR PHERN GFTVL-OH 1827,92
hCMV_pp65-67 H-RPHER NGFTV LCPKN-OH 1766,90
hCMV_pp65-68 H-RNGFT VLCPK NMIIK-OH 1732,95
hCMV_pp65-69 H-TVLCP KNMII KPGKI-OH 1653,97
hCMV_pp65-70 H-PKNMI IKPGK ISHIM-OH 1705,97
hCMV_pp65-71 H-IIKPG KISHI MLDVA-OH 1633,96
hCMV_pp65-72 H-GKISH IMLDV AFTSH-OH 1654,85
hCMV_pp65-73 H-HIMLD VAFTS HEHFG-OH 1739,81
hCMV_pp65-74 H-DVAFT SHEHF GLLCP-OH 1671,77
hCMV_pp65-75 H-TSHEH FGLLC PKSIP-OH 1664,83
hCMV_pp65-76 H-HFGLL CPKSI PGLSI-OH 1580,87
hCMV_pp65-77 H-LCPKS IPGLS ISGNL-OH 1497,82
hCMV_pp65-78 H-SIPGL SISGN LLMNG-OH 1471,77
hCMV_pp65-79 H-LSISG NLLMN GQQIF-OH 1633,85
hCMV_pp65-80 H-GNLLM NGQQI FLEVQ-OH 1702,87
hCMV_pp65-81 H-MNGQQ IFLEV QAIRE-OH 1774,90
hCMV_pp65-82 H-QIFLE VQAIR ETVEL-OH 1786,98
hCMV_pp65-83 H-EVQAI RETVE LRQYD-OH 1847,94
hCMV_pp65-84 H-IRETV ELRQY DPVAA-OH 1758,93
hCMV_pp65-85 H-VELRQ YDPVA ALFFF-OH 1813,94
hCMV_pp65-86 H-QYDPV AALFF FDIDL-OH 1772,87
hCMV_pp65-87 H-VALLF FFDID LLLQR-OH 1779,99
hCMV_pp65-88 H-FFFDI DLLLQ RGPQY-OH 1870,96
hCMV_pp65-89 H-IDLLL QRGPQ YSEHP-OH 1764,92
hCMV_pp65-90 H-LQRGP QYSEH PTFTS-OH 1746,83
hCMV_pp65-91 H-PQYSE HPTFT SQYRI-OH 1852,87
hCMV_pp65-92 H-EHPTF TSQYR IQGKL-OH 1803,93
hCMV_pp65-93 H-FTSQY RIQGK LEYRH-OH 1924,99
hCMV_pp65-94 H-YRIQG KLEYR HTWDR-OH 2020,04
hCMV_pp65-95 H-GKLEY RHTWD RHDEG-OH 1897,88
hCMV_pp65-96 H-YRHTW DRHDE GAAQG-OH 1797,79
hCMV_pp65-97 H-WDRHD EGAAQ GDDDV-OH 1684,67
hCMV_pp65-98 H-DEGAA QGDDD VWTSG-OH 1521,59
hCMV_pp65-99 H-AQGDD DVWTS GSDSD-OH 1553,58
hCMV_pp65-100 H-DDVWT SGSDS DEELV-OH 1652,67
hCMV_pp65-101 H-TSGSD SDEEL VTTER-OH 1624,71
hCMV_pp65-102 H-DSDEE LVTTE RKTPR-OH 1774,87
hCMV_pp65-103 H-ELVTT ERKTP RVTGG-OH 1642,90
hCMV_pp65-104 H-TERKT PRVTG GGAMA-OH 1530,79
hCMV_pp65-105 H-TPRVT GGGAM AGAST-OH 1332,65
hCMV_pp65-106 H-TGGGA MAGAS TSAGR-OH 1250,57
hCMV_pp65-107 H-AMAGA STSAG RKRKS-OH 1477,78
hCMV_pp65-108 H-ASTSA GRKRK SASSA-OH 1463,78
hCMV_pp65-109 H-AGRKR KSASS ATACT-OH 1493,77
hCMV_pp65-110 H-RKSAS SATAC TSGVM-OH 1455,68
hCMV_pp65-111 H-SSATA CTSGV MTRGR-OH 1483,69
hCMV_pp65-112 H-ACTSG VMTRG RLKAE-OH 1578,80
hCMV_pp65-113 H-GVMTR GRLKA ESTVA-OH 1574,86
hCMV_pp65-114 H-RGRLK AESTV APEED-OH 1656,84
hCMV_pp65-115 H-KAEST VAPEE DTDED-OH 1634,68
hCMV_pp65-116 H-TVAPE EDTDE DSDNE-OH 1664,62
hCMV_pp65-117 H-EEDTD EDSDN EIHNP-OH 1757,65
hCMV_pp65-118 H-DEDSD NEIHN PAVFT-OH 1701,71
hCMV_pp65-119 H-DNEIH NPAVF TWPPW-OH 1821,85
hCMV_pp65-120 H-HNPAV FTWPP WQAGI-OH 1719,85
hCMV_pp65-121 H-VFTWP PWQAG ILARN-OH 1754,93
hCMV_pp65-122 H-PPWQA GILAR NLVPM-OH 1661,91
hCMV_pp65-123 H-AGILA RNLVP MVATV-OH 1523,89
hCMV_pp65-124 H-ARNLV PMVAT VQGQN-OH 1596,84
hCMV_pp65-125 H-VPMVA TVQGQ NLKYQ-OH 1674,88
hCMV_pp65-126 H-ATVQG QNLKY QEFFW-OH 1857,90
hCMV_pp65-127 H-GQNLK YQEEF WDAND-OH 1873,83
hCMV_pp65-128 H-KYQEF FWDAN DIYRI-OH 2006,95
hCMV_pp65-129 H-FFWDA NDIYR IFAEL-OH 1918,93
hCMV_pp65-130 H-ANDIY RIFAE LEGVW-OH 1794,89
hCMV_pp65-131 H-YRIFA ELEGV WQPAA-OH 1748,89
hCMV_pp65-132 H-AELEG VWQPA AQPKR-OH 1678,88
hCMV_pp65-133 H-GVWQP AAQPK RRRHR-OH 1842,03
hCMV_pp65-134 H-PAAQP KRRRH RQDAL-OH 1799,01
hCMV_pp65-135 H-PKRRR HRQDA LPGPC-OH 1785,96
hCMV_pp65-136 H-RHRQD ALPGP CIAST-OH 1620,82
hCMV_pp65-137 H-DALPG PCIAS TPKKH-OH 1533,80
hCMV_pp65-138 H-LPGPC IASTP KKHRG-OH 1560,86
No. of peptides


Product format

solid, lyophilized TFA-salt in one cryo-vial


50 µg per peptide

Purity (HPLC)

95 % (individual peptides at 214 nm)

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