Company Profile

INTAVIS PEPTIDE SERVICES is a leading provider of synthetic peptides, peptide arrays & pools and resins, as well as a research and development partner for projects in Immunology. INTAVIS PEPTIDE SERVICES head office and production sites are located in Tübingen, Germany.
We are proud to be located in the birth place of molecular biology and immunology in nearest interaction with the Cyber Valley at the technology parc „TTR Obere Viehweide“. Together with its partner company HB Technologies Inc. based in Chicago, Illinois we are serving a worldwide customer base in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as researchers in universities, governmental and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to support the scientific & clinical community with peptide related products which will lead to novel personalized vaccines or immunotherapies.
INTAVIS Peptide Services GmbH was founded in July 2019. It is a spin-off of the Intavis Bioanalytical Instruments AG which has become a leading company in manufacturing and distributing instruments for biochemistry and molecular biology since 2000.
INTAVIS Peptide Services GmbH is part of the HB Technologies AG group, located in Tübingen.
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