Only 174 COVID-19 vaccine candidate epitopes out of 777 predicted show good binding stability.

The results of an pro bono effort of Immunitrack ApS and Intavis Peptide Services GmbH & Co.KG have yielded valuable insight into potential vaccine candidates for SARS-CoV-2.

Utilizing Intavis Peptides Services unique ability to produce custom peptide libraries with up to 1536 individual peptides in a 14 day time frame Immuntrack ApS tested 777 peptides for their HLA binding capability.

The peptides used had been predicted to be good binders for 11 MHC alleles by the current-best or novel HLA prediction tools.

The results showed a poor prediction performance however.

This is especially interesting as HLA binding prediction is gaining more and more significance with regards to personalized cancer treatments with antigenic peptides.


You can read the full report at: