Immunitrack and Intavis Peptide Services are working together to identify new CD4 and CD8-stimulating epitopes from SARS-CoV-2.
We both believe in getting the key to develop vaccines in combination of epitopes that stimulate first a cellular response and second an antibody response.
By using conventional epitope prediction tools (netMHC), the top 100 binders to 11 frequent MHC I alleles in the Chinese population have been predicted in-silico by Immunitrack in collaboration with researchers of the University of Copenhagen.
Intavis Peptide Services used its high-throughput peptide production capabilities to produce 1.000 peptides in just one week.
Immunitrack used their NeoScreen technology to conduct in-vitro binding studies of the epitopes. 159 epitopes that stably bind MHC I alleles and 22 that bind MHC II alleles were found.
For a list of stably binding epitopes download this report from Immunitrack:
By carrying out this project Intavis Peptide Services and Immunitrack support a faster development of more efficient peptide-based vaccines.